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About Us

We are FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1806

S.W.A.T. stands for Smithville Warriors Advancing Technology

Mission Statement:

Smithville Warriors Advancing Technology (S.W.A.T.) focuses on spreading the ideals of FIRST while promoting individual growth of team members. We have a desire to provide opportunities for students, parents, and community members to take advantage of the possibilities surrounding STEM education and the multitude of FIRST programs. We, first and foremost, wish to inspire a group of passionate students whose purpose is to produce a well-designed, quality-built, competitive robot. Furthermore, it is the goal of Team 1806 to incorporate fields outside of STEM including public communications and marketing in order to make FIRST more accessible to a wider array of students.

Team Motto:

The four goals that Team 1806 aims to achieve are embodied in our motto: “Motivate, Empower, Teach, and Accomplish” These words capture the impact we make in our communities, both local and abroad.

S.W.A.T. Stamp