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See Current and Previous Event Results, and analysis

The Blue Alliance

FIRST Event Web


General Training Resources(Mostly Teams' Entire Training Suites)

Team 1678's Training Resources

3847's Training Resources

Team 971's Youtube Channel has a lot of talks on various subjects. Some are very advanced.

FIRST Technical Resources Page

Team 1806(That's Us!) Fall 2021 Training Archives

Maintenence Guides

FRC Maintenance Guide


Team 1339 Open Alliance Post on Bumpers

FRC Bumper Guide

Team 1678 talking about their bumper mounts

1678's 1/4-20 Studs, called "Adhesive Ready" but you can also use wood screws.

1678's 1/4-20 Flanged Locknut

Team 3928 Bumper Guide

CAD Resources

Our Team History Page has links to recent robot cad

Onshape 4 FRC- Onshape Setup and Tutorials

Design Resources

Open Alliance- See what other teams are doing

Unofficial FRC Mechanism Encyclopedia

Old Team 254 Robots

Rev Docs

ReCalc Design Calculators

iLite Drivetrain Simulator

Spur Gear Design Paper from 1988. The only one I could find that uses imperial instead of metric.

Random Onshape Parts

10DP Rack&Pinion in Onshape

Big slick 3d printable wheel and hex hub(untested)

Tape Measure Potentiometer Parts

3D Print of our 2023 Robot

Programming Resources

Our Github

Our Team History Page has links to recent robot code

Control System

WPILib docs

WPILib Installer Releases

FRC Game Tools

Rev Docs

CTRE Phoenix v6 Documentation (Current for 2024)

Team 900 Zebraswitch PDF


Limelight Docs

Photonvision Docs

Team 254: Integrating Computer Vision with Motion Control

FRC 1987 (Broncobots) 2023 code, they were using multiple limelights for apriltags and google corals for game piece tracking.

Connector Datasheets/Reference

Wago 221-2401

SB 120 Datasheet (Big Battery Connector)

Anderson PP15/45 Datasheet

Parts Suppliers- FRC specific

The Thrifty Bot

West Coast Products

Rev Robotics


Swyft Robotics

Redux Robotics


RoboSportsNetwork Twitch

FIRST Updates Now

FRC Social Media (Please Remember Gracious Professonalism, and be safe online.)

Chief Delphi

FRC Discord